An impossible task?

As explained in the justification of this site, the essay is a privileged genre to formulate the critical and reflective thinking expected of a university student. On the other hand, the essay is an excellent didactic tool, because when students are asked to write an essay on a specific topic, a teacher can detect the extent to which the students have managed to understand a specific topic or problem. For this reason, it is common for teachers to ask students to write essays in UAMA courses.

However, as some studies have shown, on many occasions, when a student arrives at the university and is asked to write an essay, he has never had contact, neither as a reader nor as an author, with the academic genres, including the essay .

In this context, the requirement to write an essay can be a distressing experience for the student. This occurs in the first place due to the lack of knowledge of the formal elements that constitute the essay, but also, when in the same university they are offered as a model to follow a sample of essays, they are signed extensive works, signed by great monsters of the literature or the academy. The conjunction of these factors can be counterproductive by causing the student a feeling of helplessness when trying to reach these models.

From this perspective and in order to help the students to start in the production of essays, this section offers exercises of analysis of different argumentative schemes, both literary and academic essays, so that the student clearly identifies these structures and then They propose exercises for the student to write their own essays. The section is presented in a scheme from minor to major, that is, it starts with basic models and schemes, to then deal with proposals of greater complexity.

Additionally, a route map of the steps to elaborate an essay is proposed, from the formulation of the central idea to the writing and the final correction.